Preview my own domain

Dear All,
I try to deploy my self-hosted own metaverse. I got stuck at the following steps:
-I already uploaded a content to my domain. Everything seems to be OK as in the below image. How can I preview the just uploaded content?

-I connected my domain to a metaverse account. I add domain and place in When I just try to connect from the Client App-Explore, there is a message: Connection refused: you lack the required metaverse permission. Where and what do I have to set these permissions ?
Many thanks

Try and check the settings/security section and make sure you have the proper rights

First part. I wouldn’t generally recommend using the “Installed Content” section to put content into your domain, unless it’s been specifically designed and formatted for vircadia (I’ve never actually used that function). You are best using the Create tools once you have connected to your domain.

Secondly, for the connection refused as @jerto mentions check the security and see which users have rights to logon. make sure it includes logged on users if you are logged onto the metaverse.

Dear @madders , @jerto ,
Thank you for your hints. Indeed by default the logged-in users do not have right to connect. I set them as in the attachment and it is OK now.
I will try to connect to my own domain and use the Create tool as @madders said. Thank you

Dear @madders ,
It is not so simple as you wrote “using the Create tools once you have connected to your domain”. I ran the Vircadia Window App, and I found mysefl already in a scene even I log in to nowhere. Then when I login, how can I choose my own domain server ? By default the login dialog points to the official one as in the attachment.

Supposing that my domain server is a.b.c.d (I access to the setting via https://a.b.c.d:40100/settings/), Should I put https://a.b.c.d/lives on the dialogue ? During setting up domain server I didnt setup any user and email, where can I create them in order to login
many thanks

No. You have installed a domain server, and not a metaverse. The Metaverse is the server that connects all the worlds domain servers together from a directory and authentication point of view. That login is the details you used when you logged in to

The scene you see when you first login is the default orientation/tutorial style world. To get to your domain use the explore app, and either search for it in the list, or type just your ip address into the address bar and connect.