Zoom Meeting intergration in Vircadia

It was once mentioned in the Vircadia Bussness User meetup in 12/6/2020 that someone (sorry not knowing his name) was doing the zoom (meeting) intergration in Vircadia, and which has almost done at that time. Is there anyone who know where I can find more information about that ? try to read through the turtorial in viacadia and could not find it … also… I search HQ Island and some other keywords in github ,but in vain…
I think it’s this guy :grin:, but I am not sure, since it’s hard to tell who is speaking via the avatar… :laughing:

There should be a presentation on the wall of that conference room (pictured), that has the zoom integration best practices for vircadia. Here is direct link to the presentation. Using Zoom with Vircadia - Google Slides


Thank you Dave. I saw the presentation you sent on youtube before, and wondering is there any more detailded tutorial or prototype . That is really a fantastic feature…

No other documentation unfortunately, as this was mostly a proof of concept, that it could work. I could understand a need for more detailed instructions it, as it was a pain to setup and test. Definitely not something the average remote worker is going to do or figure out on their own. You need extensive knowledge of OBS.

The biggest win out of that work was we upgraded the vircadia web entity to be able to override the default user agent string, which made it fully compatible with zoom web client, and with realtime interactive google apps like sheets, etc.

I could walk you through everything needed if you are seriously interested in setting something up.

Thank you very much Dave, That would be graceful. I need do some preparation first ( trying to get as much knowledge of OBS and zoom web client as possbile) so that it would be much more easier for me to understand … I will come to you when I am fully prepared…
Thank you in advanced.