Why light only in half part of the scene?

I have a light parented to a cube. All has x, y, z rotation equals to 0. Why only half part of word is illuminated?

Have you set the property “isSpotlight” = true ?
This turns the light as a directional spot and it would point in the z-axis if I’m not wrong. (causing half of the scene in the dark)

Spotlight is off.

What are the “dimensions” of the light entity?
(This determines the range of the light. This means no light over that range.)
I see that you set the intensity to 500 (which is a lot) but won’t affect how far the light goes.

Tanks a lot!! With dimension it’s possible to set the distance!!! But I don’t undestand why the light passes beyond the opaque cube.

This is because shadows are computed only for the keylight (sun from the zone entity/default zone)
The engine doesn’t support shadows for light entities yet.

I think the fact that it’s all computed live (and not prebaked) comes with some performance limitations. some compromise had to be done (for now) to keep this live edition possible. (This is at least my understanding.)

I think you are right. Tanks a lot.