Web Entity ScriptUrl Injection

Where can I find an example of javascript to inject into the web page?

I’m sorry but your question makes no sense. Can you explain exactly what you need ?

I dont’ understand how to use the script url parameter in WEB section to inject javascript. Can I interact between a web page and an entity by injecting javascript code? For example, click on a button of a site to change the color of a cube?

As far as I’m aware there are no examples of using that functionality, and I’ve never tested it so I don’t know where in the webpage it injects the script (top, bottom, other) or if it only works in certain security scenarios.

You can communicate between a web page and javascript though even without using this, as long as you are in control of the source of the web page you are interacting with. Web entities get injected with the EventBridge object, which can be used to communicate between. This is how the majority of the apps on the vircadia toolbar work. An example can be found here Tablet Apps — Vircadia Documentation

Even my purpose is different. I’ll try Tablet Apps to make tools. Thanks
With Web Entity I want to create a web interface (by painting on HTML5 canvas and using javascript events) an interact with objects, if it is possible.

The same process works with web entities, the tablet apps link was just the most accessible example I had to hand. I’ve used the same technique with normal web entities myself.

This can easily be done with a server script on the entity. Check this example and adjust it so that it fits your needs : Server Entity Scripts — Vircadia Documentation

Perfect!!! Thanks a lot madders and jerto!!! It’s time to develop!!!