Water volume and water surface

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I’m trying to reproduce the volume and the surface of the sea that you have in the world “the hub”, I like the disc of waves that reflects the sunlight, but I did not understand what is the purpose of the zone “water gravity” and - more than anything else - I did not understand how to make this area in wich there is this diffuse blue color that gives the impression of being underwater.
Thanks for any possible answer.

At the HUB domain there seem to be 2 Zones that affect underwater, 1. is the Water gravity zone which allows flying and ghosting and 2. is the Unterzee Zone which sets Key light, ambient, haze and bloom.

Anytime you see “Inherit” as the setting in a zone, it means that it uses the default or settings that have been set in a zone that this zone is inside.

In this case, the water gravity zone does not seem to do anything, but I think it may have been used as a trigger to a script that would change the physics of avatars swimming in the water.


@Shantaram A few other things you could try are: making the surface of the water shiny from under it. And also animating the water surface texture or mesh or normal map or even using a shader. Each of those things add nice affects but also slow down the rendering. I would not use everything because people that have older computers and/or slower connections, will not have a good experience.