Useful script library and tutorials

In the old times, HiFi had its own forum with good script examples to look and to use, but all seem to be lost now. Is there any place where we can find vircadia friendly elementary scripts samples to do minimal interactions like:

  1. object touch and teleport to location
  2. object touch and music or speech starting
  3. object touch and redirection to a url page

and some other useful scripts for newbies to start adding a little interaction on their domains?

We’re looking to build this forum back up to include such things. I have a lot of the old HiFi forum backed up so can dig through for things, but is not very searchable.
There is a lot of useful scripts/assets etc available here though:

It could do with some curating and useful items posting into the forum, but a quick look through and your point 3 has examples in here: vircadia-content/Bazaar/Scripts at master · vircadia/vircadia-content · GitHub

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Thanks @madders . Some of these links even if really few, are quite useful! The ClickToOpenBrowser. is indeed quite useful. And maybe it is worth to also rewrite those scripts here in this forum, if it is ok and if there is a proper section where to put script I would volunteer in publishing them and commenting code lines I can actually understand, for instance I also found another nice script here doubleClickTP.js