Tutorial boombox and painting not working [UPDATED]

Hi, I managed with the help of my friend Salahzar to solve the brush and canvas tutorial. (Tutorial: Build a Painting Set — Vircadia Documentation)
in the tutorial the problem found and solved is that the head of the brush must not be related to the rod and must be grabbable, also you must select the option “dynamic” under “collision”. only then can paint on the canvas.

Unfortunately with all the efforts we have not been able to get the boombox to play. (Tutorial: Create a Boombox — Vircadia Documentation)
We know very well that the content is dated, but operating from the PC (without oculus) and finding all the files in the hosting, we found the problem that I told you yesterday, that is that the html page that must be shown in the tablet or browser inside Vircadia shows its html code and therefore is not displayed correctly. (please refer to the image).
Thanks for everything, A dear greeting

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