Spawing under the terrain

I am creating in my local server and have exported/imported some objects from the sandbox. I haven’t really been able to find detailed information explain how to create the zone’s for lighting, placing terrains and using builders grids etc, though I’ve managed to figure out a lot.

An issue I am experiencing in particular is I keep spawning under the terrain. I set my home location and I’ve tried the spawn script provided in one of the github shared content.

Can anyone help direct me to docs regarding these items?

For others that may be seeking similar info, I found this which helped me to spawn where I want to.

I moved my avatar to the position/location of where I want to spawn when accessing the domain. I used the Developer console to get my avatars’ position which I used in the script I created by using this example and information. vircadia-content/usefulUtilities/spawnPointZone at master · vircadia/vircadia-content · GitHub

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