Sometimes server does not run in local on windows is there a server only installation for windows?

Hi there, I started last week a class teaching Italian teachers how to use Vircadia for educational purposes. So far they are quite impressed (some of them did indeed use HighFidelity in last years so are a bit prepared). Luckily it seems that even older hardware can run Vircadia Interface which was one of my main concerns.

At least one of them (and it happened to me as well at beginning) cannot access the local server on Windows after having installed the installation package and run it.

In my case I solved, after some distress, completely removing the installation and installed it with the second installation option (.exe installer instead of Launcher.msi) I think it took me two or three tries before having a working server.

Question is: is there any server-only installation of Vircadia to have a 3rd option to try to solve this problem? Or otherwise does anybody know a possible cause for the server installation being incomplete or not working?

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You must use the main .exe download from the website to get a server install rolling. You must also be sure to install both the Interface and Domain server. This is due to a bug where all of the required dependencies for the server are not copied in unless the Interface is also copied in. We’ll have to solve that at some point.

On Linux, we have easy server deployments for Ubuntu 18.04. It’s as easy as running two commands and you’re done. Host a Domain from a Local or Cloud Linux Server — Vircadia Documentation

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I think we were able to fix the problem. The manual solution was to manually launch the server. What was confusing is that the initial install of the software did launch the server automatically, but apparently either it stopped launching it at start of the launcher or for any reason the startup wasnt automatic so manual start seems to fix the problem.