Oculus Configuration

how to configure my Oculus with VIRCADIA

Are you wanting to use it directly on your Oculus standalone? If so this isn’t currently possible (at least not in a usable or easily achievable fashion).

Currently you need to connect your headset to a PC (via cable or AirLink) and install Vircadia on there.

No, I just need to enter to the scene
I already connect my VR to the PC and I install Vircadia, but am not able to enter the scene

When I have used it before I made sure the headset was connected to the PC with the oculus link running first, and then open vircadia. It usually opens up directly to showing on your oculus, but if not in viircadia go to the display menu and Oculus should be listed there to select.

I found what is my problem, unfortunately the option to select the VR is not appear in the display menu

how I can fix this