List of usable avatars

Greetings. I’ve been trying to find more unique avatars that can used. I’m introducing someone close to Vircadia as well… they’d like an unicorn avatar or at least a horse basis that can be customized, however we’re unable to find such a thing anywhere so far.

Until the marketplace is up and running, I was wondering if there’s a list of all avatars created by the community and available to use. I looked for one already but couldn’t find anything unfortunately. Could you share all usable avatars you are aware of and help create such a resource? Thanks.

Only ones I’m aware of so far are the Fox and Kobold avatars, used both and they are working properly.

As of now these are the only creator contributed avatars hosted in Vircadia’s github… There are a few “Furries” in there but no horses… vircadia-content/Bazaar/Avatars at master · vircadia/vircadia-content · GitHub. You can create free CC0 avatars from MakeAvatar as well yet those are not furries.

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Thanks, those are helpful to know about. Not what I’m looking for unfortunately: May have to ask other content creators if they can help in that regard.