"Link to a webpage" how does it work for webpages?

There is a “link” which states that you can put either a link to a webpage or a location to go. While it works quite well with teleports (so now we can avoid to have teleport scripts), i expected that when putting a standard link it would open a web browser on pc or something similar to go to that page.
This also would spare another script I routinely use for doing such things. The less scripts we are using for basic interaction the better :slight_smile:

I hadn’t spotted that attribute before, and it’s not part of the API docs, but from a few tests it seems that this is only currently intended to be a teleport destination. I think the intention here is that a web page would be for a serverless domain, and therefore is still a teleport.

What would be nice would be a second attribute for “Link behaviour”, with options for “Teleport”, “Open in world browser”, “Open external browser”.

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That would be really a good thing. There is already a script for opening a web browser made by @Kalila some time ago working very well. vircadia-content/clickToOpenBrowser.js at master · vircadia/vircadia-content · GitHub … I will now try the click to activate a wav or sound which was the last thing I taught in my last HighFidelity class in 2019 and I can activate this new class. Thanks for all your support.