Is it possible to host vircadia in a private environment

Is it possible host vircadia in a private enviromnent.
for example, in a LAN that has totally no internet access at all?

If you use just domain servers, without metaverse server, it should definitely work this way. If you want to also run a metaverse server, then you would probably need a DNS server on such isolated LAN.

@wayne You would have to provide a web server in your closed network to pull your assets in from as well.

Thanks so much. @74hc595 @HapticMonkey . I am trying to build the environment in the closed network and will, hopefully, write a tutorial when finished.


I am quite interested in this as well. Some people started to ask me what to do if Vircadia would vanish as did HighFidelity two years ago, and at that time the main problem was the infrastructure for logins, groups, places, explore, marketplace etc. Vircadia is actually solving 75% of these (missing groups, marketplace) but otherwise really useful in schools, so thanks for the tutorial, it will be really needed :slight_smile:

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Very unlikely… since it’s Apache open source anyone can run with it…

Thank you for your reply. Sorry that I did not fully explain it and may be there some a misunderstanding…What I means is that , is it possible , for example , I host vircadia in my own private nework, which is totally isolated with the internet. .I think @74hc595 has already give me the answer…Thanks…

Sorry, but that was in response to Salahzar. You can certainly host it in an air-gap… no problem at all…

Can you explain meaning of “very unlikely?..” I’m sorry not being mother language English, so maybe I expressed myself wrongly. My idea is if is there already or maybe producing through this question a documentation on how to install the opensource vircadia metaverse backend. I know that anyone can install it but tutorials and walk throughs might help people in doing that and are welcomed. :slight_smile:

@salahzar the fact that Vircaida is completely on github, and people are forking it, means there is no way it can just vanish, even if the main repository is taken down.

@wayne I’ve successfully deployed Vircaida behind a corporate firewall (no connection to vircadia outside), in a corporate cloud (linux) environment, running my own instance of hub content, etc. You just need to host all your content inside as well on a webserver. I did not get as far as hooking it up to our internal oauth authentication, so all users were essentially anonymous, but it worked fine. I’m not sure if generic Oauth support was added yet (wasn’t at that time I did this work).


Just what Dave_K said… It is unlikely that Vircadia will just go away. It may change form but I doubt it will ever go away because too many people have cloned if from Github. It’s Apache open source so anybody can do what they want with it… except use the name Vircadia… Kalila has a trademark on that.