How to debug entity server script

I found that I can use print to debug an entity script that is not attached to an entity but I haven’t found an example of how to debug a script that is attached to an entity.

I am trying to create a tablet app and want to log some messages but haven’t figured out how.

I found the Running scripts window to be very helpful and while I do see example debugging scripts, I still haven’t figured it out.

I’ve tried using the code contained in the scripts/developer/debugging examples that use sendToLogWindow and debugWindow.qml but am not seeing my output.

I’ve also tried reloading content and reloading all scripts.

You’re trying to log output from a server entity script (i.e., one configured in the domain server’s settings page)?

Assuming so, in Interface…

  • Settings > Developer Menu to enable the Developer menu.
  • Developer > Scripting > Entity Script Server Log to open a window that shows log output from server entity scripts.


  • Developer > Scripting > Script Log (HMD Friendly) to open a window that shows log output from Interface, avatar, and client entity scripts (i.e., scripts running in your Interface).
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Well maybe I used the wrong term. In the interface when go the the properties of an entity you are given the option to load Script or a Server Script. The server script is the one I am try to log output from.

I have enabled Developer Menu and am not seeing anything in the entity script server log except.

Do I use the print(“XYZ”) command to log or do I need use some other method?

Is there are proper way to debug a tablet app? I’m following the boombox tutorial which I haven’t been able to get working yet but am getting closer :slight_smile:

The “Server Script” field in the entity properties is for a an entity server script - a.k.a. server entity script in the following doc: Server Entity Scripts — Vircadia Documentation

To see output from your script you should be able to use use either

Depending on what domain you’re on you may very well see output from other entity server scripts running on the domain.

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