Domain Object Model Documentation

Hi, is there any documentation that describes the domain object model (the scene map)?

I remember trying to use the in world editor back in Hi Fi, but wondering if 1) there’s any documentation on the format, 2) there’s a way to import a domain world from a standard format of some kind, 3) anyone has thought about making an easier to use scene editor?


I haven’t seen anything like that yet it is sorely something we need… Here is the documentation:

Mostly just json files I do believe… you can look at some of the worlds to import… to see if you can make hides or hair of it…

Thanks very much. Not sure how I missed that documentation, but it’s helpful.

The world examples…priceless.

Good to see that the worlds mostly use FBX models. You’re right about the JSON files.

The models.json file holds the dimensions, position, rotation, id, and the url to the model file (the FBX) for all the entities in the scene.

Would it be possible to parse these JSON files and load in the FBX objects and materials into a tool like Unity (or other) that could populate a scene graph? Yes. Definitely a lot of work. But it is possible.

Could create C# classes that represent each model type in order to store all that scene data and for saving it back into the JSON files when a world is exported.

As an aside, might even pave the way for a Unity3D version of the client app, as a possibility.

So why would we want to have a separate visual scene/world editor? To enable worlds to be created much more quickly with tools content creators are familiar with. As an example, there are several really good “level editors” for Unity that make creating buildings, mazes, castles, you name it, much much easier than trying to build them one block at a time.

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This may be a useful reference for importing into Blender and exporting it back as a supported scene:

There are many builders and I know they have discussed that tool. I haven’t actually built a world of my own yet so I hope to see what magic you can add to the process!

When you say builders, do you mean these?

Or, actual graphical scene editor world builders?

Builders as in people who build virtual worlds… those who do both modeling and programming Javascript.

Ha ha. Got it. :slight_smile: Lots of talented people for sure. Wonder how many have used Blender as an actual scene editor.

You may also find this useful. It has some limitations but I build most of my Madders Place domain, the central building, in unity and then exported for vircadia using this.

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Very useful. Thanks!