Deploy this in my own ubuntu 20.04 server

I am new hear, I am very exited to be with this community.
I would like to deploy this in my own ubuntu 20.04 server. do you have any step by step instruction.
any help will be appreciated,

Thank you

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I did prepare an image valid for deploying 2022.1.0 (Selene) on a server on Ubuntu 20.04. But you have to install docker.
If you already have docker installed on your hardware the easy thing would be to just cloning a repository from github and then launching a couple of lines

> git clone
> cd vircadia-domain-server-docker/
> export DOCKER_REPOSITORY=pakkio
> ./

This had been tested on Hetzner with Ubuntu 20.04 and worked. Then you have to go to http://yourip:40100 and proceed with first installation.

Thank you @salahzar , i’ll try and update you
Thank you again

@salahzar thank you, it worked.
so i am at this stage, It’s try to connect metaverse account and it’s goes to Vircadia Metaverse

but i don;t wanted to login with VirCadia, run it as a separate. how do i over come this?

Thank you

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I am happy you could actually use the docker image produced with mrblue docker manager and docker builder :slight_smile:
Regarding the metaverse login server, you should probably refer to this scheme to understand the Vircadia architecture (from the page Understand the Architecture — Vircadia Documentation):

So what you need is to have an authentication server instead of the standard metaverse server provided as default.

The instructions to run a similar server are probably hidden in this page vircadia-metaverse/ at master · vircadia/vircadia-metaverse · GitHub if you want to use docker, but I didnt try this so far (but really interested). For me this is as well next step to have a fully indipendent architecture. Probably some core developers can help in clarifying steps needed. I am still newbie on this aspect.

Being able to run your own metaverse server is however what I consider the real difference that allows you to run it without any external dependencies. If you have any luck on this task, please inform me and the community :slight_smile:

Thank you, i’ll am very newbie to this, let me try and update you
Thank you for all your help
Thanks again

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what about the DEB installation package

Does this work with Ubuntu 20.04, or is a 18.04 system obligatory for that?