Connection refused (RESOLVED)

from Yesterday, I try to go into “the hub” but receive this error message, even in other worlds.
What’s going on?

Can you try the newest release candidate version?

yes,immediately thanks, and let you know

YESSS, it works :kissing_heart:

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Most other domains won’t work at the moment, because we are in the middle of protocol change, and everyone is upgrading their servers. There will be server packages available soon. My domain (Furry_avatars) is already upgraded so it should work.

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a question.
I have a server with my own world, do I change or do anything to have it still available outside my LAN (just in internet)?

Yes, you will need to upgrade it to the newest release version. It will be available this week.
Before upgrading back up your server’s configuration, do a backup of world content and save both locally. This way you can easily restore your world after update.

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