Community Content Initiative - Scripts

This post is part of the Community Content Initiative (CCI). The plan is to build up a library of Models, Scripts, Materials and other content both new and experienced community members can use to help bring their worlds alive, with the potential of including some of these directly within interface itself in the future. So please, ORIGINAL content under the Apache 2.0 license only.

Some examples of useful scripts include but are not limited to:

  • sit (touch entity and and avatar sits)
  • door open (touch entity and it rotates on axis)
  • teleport to another location (touch entity to transport to another coordinate or domain)
  • load json from URL on touch (touch entity to load a json from URL)

Please reply to this thread with any contributions. Reach out to Aitolda#4826 with any questions.


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Light Bulb
Generate rapidly a visible glowing light source with its light beam for Vircadia.

You only have to adjust the shape orientation, setup the color and user data and the script will manage the glowing material and the light entity with no impact on the server since it’s all locally rendered for each visitor.

To install:
Import using the “Create” application function: “Import Entities (.json) From a URL”
Enter this URL:

Light color: Set the “color” property of the Shape entity, it will determine the color of the light.
Light Intensity: Set the userdata “lightIntensity” parameter
Light beam opening angle: Set the userdata "lightSpotCutOff parameter
Light range: Set the userdata “lightRange” parameter

Restart the client script to have the change effective.

Rotate and position the shape and the light will follow.