Client crashes often, reset settings works but looking for more info

I’m trying to find more information about the what is exactly is being reset when you choose the option “Reset my settings but keep essential info” presented in the dialog after a crash occurs and you reopen the client?

I searched a bit but maybe I’m using the wrong terminology?’

Thanks for any help and/or guidance.

The “reset settings” options in that dialog specify what changes to make to your Interface.json settings file. If you’re on Windows, you’ll find this file in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Vircadia.

  • The “Reset all my settings” option deletes Interface.json so that it is recreated from scratch when Interface next starts up.
  • The “Reset my settings but keep essential info” deletes Interface.json but then writes a new one with just the following information: avatar, display name, location, and whether or not you’ve completed the tutorial.
  • The “Continue with my current settings” leaves Interface.json as-is.
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