Backup of settings of client to export in other PC

I’ve noticed that by installing the client in other devices (other pc’s) all the settings regarding avatars and installed applications are lost, as for those scripts that remain available in the navigate section.
Is there any way to export all these settings from one client and re-import them to another?

There is no streamlined method.

What you can do is copy the config file to the new computer.
On Linux the file is ~/.config/Vircadia/Interface.json
On Windows it will be in a Vircadia directory inside %AppData%
On Mac I assume it should be inside ~/Library/Application Support/Vircadia/ but I am not sure there.


precisely (windows)it is located in the directory C:\Users…\AppData\Roaming\Vircadia and is called interface.json.

thanks, it works even if I didn’t keep the home settings (they are set right away).