Any links to access Vircadia using Oculus Quest?

I know it is still in alpha stage, but I heard that Vircadia should be accessible via Oculus Quest. Does anybody point me to an apk build that I can test with Oculus Quest 2? Or any interesting info about this?

Currently there isn’t a working Quest 2 native build. It did work on Quest 1 (to some extent), but the change in android versioning on the Quest 2 caused some linking errors on run which haven’t yet been resolved.

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Thanks @madders for that info. Some of the teachers do have an Oculus Quest 1, is there a link where to find a native build just for “tasting” purposes?

Unfortunately all the previous Quest 1 builds now insta-quit, even my personal builds I was using to run benchmark testing. Seems somewhere along the line, a Quest OS version update is now incompatible with the quest libraries we use to build our client with. :frowning: So some work would be needed to try and get quest 1 working again.

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thanks for that. Oculus quest would be quite interesting since now many schools in Italy do prefer to pay ~340 euros for a headset instead of 1500 euros for a good pc with proper graphics card to access vr + 500 Euros for a Rift or Vive headset requiring complex setup.