Animation for NPC

I tried to import one character animation as NPC not avatar now. I followed the way in document (imported fbx and set a path in properties), but it shows only t-pose and doesn’t move at all. Should I set joint like avatar standard joint? or is there any specific fbx version for this case?

Which document were you following for context please?

I followed this

Does it play if you import the file elsewhere, like the windows 3d viewer?

One thing the documentation fails to mention is that “Simplify” in the export options should be set to 0 (assuming you use blender) since Vircadia does not do keyframe interpolation, not sure that is the issue though. I use this setting on export:
Screenshot 2021-08-09 201224

Also, for a path animation you will want to enable the “Allow translation” option:
Screenshot 2021-08-09 202722

If what Silverfish mentioned doesn’t end up working, I’d be happy to take a quick look at the model.
“Aitolda” on the discord channel.

Thank you for your reply.
I’v use maya to export animation. I can’t see ‘simplify’ option for baking in maya.
Should I use only blender to make fbx for vircadia?
I tried to import Seagull fbx animation from vircadia world, but it’s not working either :frowning:

I figured it out. FBX Animation asset work from only address name with ‘https’ not from ‘apt’. Model can be loaded from ‘apt’ but texture is not shown up. I think https~ is the best address to make assets work well in vircadia.

ahh, so it’s this issue you ran into:

if so, it should also work if you uncheck “use baked” in the asset browser.
:thinking: maybe that should be noted in the docs, or better yet, fixed

A character actually moves in space in FBX, but it just stands on a spot and only foot move in vircadia like stationary walk cycle. Does the engine hold ‘hip’ joint? Is there any solution to release NPC character position?

I’m sorry. I figured it out. There is an option for it…

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Interesting discussion… can Vircadia use BVH files to perform animations on NPCs? Just thinking out loud and I’m curious how animations in the EMOTE button work… I’m sure it’s in the developer docs…